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      30 Sep

    Are we all on Tahyang server for ArcheAge as Nuian and elves???

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Jokes you won't get

Refugee Camp Today, 02:07
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Reported! lol =^,,^=

Rappelz Camp 30 Oct 2014
I know y'all have seen this a bajilion times but I rarely pk/on so this reaction was kinda a treat :-) He ranted quite a while before he left then later ran past yelling sorry! lolz
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EXP event + Bonus EXP for Under 120 =^,,^=

Rappelz Camp 29 Oct 2014
http://en.rappelz.we...2000000000/3217 *Quick summery: Anyone over 120 gets +100% EXP drops etc, a chance at free world buffs, a special event title and 1 year timed deco. Anyone under 120 gets all that PLUS a chance at an additional +20% EXP so goooo noobs! The undead spread out the a dea...
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Halloween Thing

Refugee Camp 29 Oct 2014
Grumpy cat + Grumpy cat Jack'o-Lantern = WIN! Seriously... how can you not love grumpy ca!?! She's so awesome! Post interesting festive stuffs here pl0x. Kthxbai
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Order and Chaos

Refugee Camp 27 Oct 2014
Misrek talked me into trying this game and it's fantastic! It's available for android, windows and iOS phones and while the movement in the video I made is kinda jerky remember that to make the video I hooked my phone up to my computer so I was using a mouse to play. Normally i'd...
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