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      31 Aug

    Both brother in laws finally talked me into playing league with them and some friends. Boy is it addicting! I will be on there robably until tuesday's Rappelz update. Fingers cross they don't screw up mercenary!

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Just Dropping By

Refugee Camp 29 Sep 2014
Logged on and thought I'd see who is still around and how everyone is doing because I have not seen the lovely people on guildwars 2!
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petition unitypixie

Rappelz Petitions 29 Sep 2014
[b]Age:[/b] -----30 [b]Location:[/b] -----uk [b]Main IGN:[/b] -----unitypixie [b]Alternate IGNs:[/b] ----- N/A [b]Xfire SN:[/b] ----- [b]Email Address:[/b] -----sheden123@hotmail.co.uk [b]MSN/AIM/YIM SN:[/b] ----- [b]Time Played:[/b] -----on and off for a few years [b]Other Games:[/b] -----n/a [b...
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Rappelz Camp 28 Sep 2014
Current allies are Disillusion guild. Contacts for Disillusion are Guild Leader Jordanv3 and Spiderr If there are any questions or issues please contact me, Misrek, Persian or Hesacon or contact Jordan or Spiderr. Please don't pk allies outside of hori field
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Petition: MasterJessica

Rappelz Petitions 28 Sep 2014
[b]Age:[/b] OLD [b]Location:[/b] Malaysia [b]Main IGN:[/b] MasterJessica (160) [b]Alternate IGNs:[/b] Booshi - 157 Templar , KingRaichu - 154 Assassin [b]Xfire SN:[/b] n/a [b]Email Address:[/b] n/a [b]MSN/AIM/YIM SN:[/b] n/a [b]Time Played:[/b] 9am - 1am +8 GMT [b]Other Games:[/b] Everquest , Wow...
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re petition

Rappelz Petitions 28 Sep 2014
hi all , just a quick question do i need to re petition , i was here a few years ago under a diffrent name (EARTHSMAIDEN) ?? thanks xx
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