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      16 Aug

    tfw you log into the admin CP to see a bunch of new members waiting to be validated only to find out that they are all bots

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      07 Aug

    Suicide squad was disappointing to say the least.

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      04 Aug

    Another guild joined our alliance. Please welcome MMO Fortune Hunters when you see them on :-)

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      31 Jul

    Transfer to Mag is free, because i know that was discussed a bit.

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Petition: Rylee H

Guild Wars 2 Petitions Today, 07:25
Age: 39 (40 in October) Location: Iowa, USA Account Name: rylee.5374 Main IGNs: Rylee C, Argwyn Ranger, Leggomynamo, Catreena Calyvorra, Merylmillie, Dawn Charmknight, Rylee Duskmoon, Firestorm Lightning, Anastasia Silvia, Thorhildr Clanpike, Selona Kiyoshi, Telanaki, Night Greendeath, Kaylee Tse...
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guild missions

Guild Wars 2 Camp Today, 04:22
so since the server was down yesterday during the normal time we do the weekly guild missions, when are we planning on doing them?
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Downed Server

Guild Wars 2 Camp Yesterday, 06:13
Okay, so the servers are down because of a bug that causes soulbound items for one character to be soulbound to another character. I agree with forums and twitter: they should just make everything account bound. Problem solved.
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cant go to the guild hall...

Guild Wars 2 Camp 23 Aug 2016
okay so ive posted about this bug im having on the reddit sub for gw2 as well as in the bug report section of the forums and only got a few hits on the subreddit. ive talked with free about it some but figured id post it here to see if anyone else has any ideas how to help me with it. https://f...
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Top 5 movies.

Refugee Camp 23 Aug 2016
As the title says say your top 5 movies of all time. No judgement here, only interesting information. I will post mine later as first I want to hear from you scrubs.
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