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      03 Jun

    How much is $32.50 in euros????

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      04 May

    So it turns out the best way to have time to play is to lose your second job and break up with your fiance... anyone miss me?

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      04 May

    If any one wants a beta code for quake champions let me know I have 3 codes I can give out.

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To Hell With Windows 10 Updates

Refugee Camp 23 Jun 2017
Okay, Seriously what the hell!? I miss the old Windows where they asked if you wanted programs removed or replaced. I DONT LIKE PAINT 3-D!!!! *growls* Its clunky and unfriendly to print screen. PS!? My plain paint is gone. *glares at windows 10* Im gonna murder it I swea...
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Writing Tool Aids Help

Refugee Camp 20 Jun 2017
So I have spent the last 3 hours (Wired on coffee) searching for an app that can do what this app ( https://appagg.com/w...d-25786598.html ) can do without the issues this app gives. I have tried it on Android which is free and because of the issue on the 'Droid I'm skeptical on spending...
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New Epic Changes (KTS - not confirmed)

Rappelz Camp 17 Jun 2017
New equipment interface, what does it look like? Eh yes ! The number of belt slots goes from 6 to 8!It will be possible to put what you want on slot 8, boss card or pet card, whatever you want.It will not be possible to put anything other than a boss card on slot 7! ONLY the boss c...
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Siege Contest 2017

Neverwinter Camp 08 Jun 2017
I will be adding screenshots of peoples totals as they come in. Reward choice is top score first. For my final totals I have 71 stronghold support rewards, I farmed 934 vouchers on Inara, my TR and two stacks of 99 rank 5 quarrtermasters stones . I did ok this year *Also, yes I'm ineligi...
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