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      18 Jan

    Congratulations to the winners! 1. Hesacon 3,000 Wcoin code, 15 ss and 15 GMFB 2. PurpleChicken 2,000 Wcoin code, 7 ss and 7 GMFB 3. R3hab 1,000 Wcoin code Stay tuned for the next PvP event which will be a team event in DeathMatch :-)

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      18 Dec

    Between boxing, work, rugby, courting my future girlfriend and not murdering my housemate/bestfriend I rarely have time for the forums or games (Still play some WoW or xbox one though). So I'd like to take this time to say farewell, thank you for all the memories, the trolling, the Bobby/Emily saga, the Pelina saga. Everything. Good luck guys.

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      09 Dec

    Yes, I'm still here. No, you can't get rid of me. No, not even like that. Yes, I do miss you. Kinda. Sorta. Not really but I thought it as the right thing to say.

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what stats for 160 2h Mace as a magus?

Rappelz Camp 29 Jan 2015
i need to buy a mace for my magus what stats better ? Agil / dex   or  str/vit   ? P.Acc needed ?
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Imagine not being able to drink

Refugee Camp 28 Jan 2015
So a friend decided to give up alcohol for January in order to raise money for the Teenage Cancer Trust (self explanatory name I think?). He was inspired by the story of Stephen Sutton ( https://www.justgivi...hen-sutton-tct/ ) He's had a tough month for a man who likes a drink - First, his...
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Quests at lvl 135

Rappelz Camp 27 Jan 2015
WQ1 (132%) to 136.3 Sanct Quest (352%) to 139.8 bb vi Questline for now Daily Vulcan Quests (56.3%) to 140.4 WQ2 (870%) to 149.1 MC Quets (190.6%) to 151.09 vi Quests (97.75%) to 152
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Refugee Camp 26 Jan 2015
Just a reminder to donate if you can as servers are not free :-)
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F*** you Microsoft

Refugee Camp 23 Jan 2015
So today my copy of Windows suddenly became non-genuine for no apparent reason whatsoever.  License key is legit and the only possible thing wrong with it is that some files are corrupted and those are making the check fail, but I tried the reactivation method and it worked for all of m...
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