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      03 Apr

    Anyone can suggest of a good powerbank? Mainly for my phone. I am not sure about them at all. Something not more than 40 dollars would be perfect.

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In keeping with ancient tradition

Guild Wars 2 Camp 24 Apr 2017
There is an ancient tradition within SoV, dating back over 10,000 generations, where when one completes a Legendary event, they should climb to the summit of Mount SoV and pay tribute to the gods. In keeping with this ancient tradition, I have done exactly that.  I braved the water sn...
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A mathematician walks into a bar

Refugee Camp 19 Apr 2017
He walks up to the bar and says to the bar keep "I'll have ten beers." The bar keep looks at him and says "sir, that is an order of magnitude."
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Congratulations TheCasIsReal

Divine Words 17 Apr 2017
The votes are in and SoV has a new God. Please join me in congratulating TheCasIsReal in being elected the newest god of Swords of Villanousity! All Hail Cas!!!!
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WTB Mage Hector Card

Rappelz Camp 14 Apr 2017
some1 sell me a cheap1 like 20 bil :|
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Aaaand I'm back

Refugee Camp 13 Apr 2017
Computer is back up and chugging along. Checked benchmarks and stuff, just for ****s, and still in the top 20. https://www.futurema...rocessor/review Heh, almost 7 years old...and still sitting pretty
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