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      03 Jun

    How much is $32.50 in euros????

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      04 May

    So it turns out the best way to have time to play is to lose your second job and break up with your fiance... anyone miss me?

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      04 May

    If any one wants a beta code for quake champions let me know I have 3 codes I can give out.

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Are you kidding me, Walmart?

Refugee Camp 24 Jul 2017
So I'm at Walmart at one of the self checkout stations... And I see this sticker on the kiosk I had to laugh....I'm using a kiosk that replaced a check out clerk buying something that was most likely made in Taiwan...and here is this sticker being totally hypocritical That is all.
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Y'all tease me about hoarding but...

Neverwinter Camp 24 Jul 2017
Serra has saved up more and Divine has quite a few. Between the three of us and all others who donate i think we should be able to do about 5 upgrades shortly after 2x guild marks starts :-)
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WTT for +22 food Weapon

Rappelz Camp 24 Jul 2017
wtt my +22 cc 1h staff for +22 weapon food if any1 need
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I'm a little teapot...

The Museum 23 Jul 2017
short and stout! I've embarked on a grand journey to draw a teapot from many triangles! And progress has been quite good. I'm using the Painter's Algorithm, so there are unneeded triangles getting drawn.
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Dungeons and Dragons Info

Refugee Camp 21 Jul 2017
Please create your characters, here is the link for Roll20: https://app.roll20.n.../2361260/0RJLLw Once you've joined the game, reply to the topic with your Character Name that you want, and I'll make a sheet for you to create your characters on. The Step-By-Step Character creation star...
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