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      15 Apr

    I miss and wubbles you guys

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      02 Apr

    Its free all cable channels week so I'm checking out the tv show "Orphan Black" and LOVING IT!

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Happy Birthday Aamin!

Rappelz Camp Yesterday, 14:43
Have a very happy birthday :-)
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Total Lunar Eclipse (with images)

Refugee Camp 15 Apr 2014
Anyone else stay up to watch it? If you missed it, here are some lousy pics I took with my cellphone (really wish I had something better). Imaging setup: Everything was shot through the eyepiece of this.  As I was taking the photos I was switching between a 25mm, a 20mm and a 12.5m...
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OMFG I'm a bobblehead! lol!

Guild Wars 2 Camp 02 Apr 2014
This was Guildwars 2 April fools prank :-)
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Tame a GM interesting

Rappelz Camp 02 Apr 2014
Greetings adventurers! Rappelz 8.3: Omen was released more than a month ago and since then everybody is busy trying to tame bosses in Gaia. The developers were looking into your feedback and they sent some previews about what's about to come next. We've just heard that Epic 9.100 wi...
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