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      22 Sep

    log into GW2 this weekend and receive free cake and ice cream to celebrate the launch of the expansion, Path of Fire!

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      19 Aug

    Renegade makes my revenant complete

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      13 Aug

    I think if we would just DAB a bit more on them haters life would be much more amazing!

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      03 Aug

    Remember when this section was used for fun and stupid stuff? Now it seems to have turned into a game event calendar! Boorriinnngg!

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Cake and Ice Cream Weekend!

Guild Wars 2 Camp Today, 11:37
To celebrate the launch of Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire, anyone sporting an SoV tag this weekend will receive cake and ice cream in celebration!  Just log into game and mention cake and ice cream to me or eddie and receive something refreshing for your trip into the Crystal Desert.
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PoF Launch Trailer

Guild Wars 2 Camp 20 Sep 2017
Apparently the fella in all the shots riding the mount is supposed to represent the player character.  It's more or less confirmed that characters like Braham and Rox won't be in PoF, so in terms of cast, it's not bringing everyone along like in HoT.
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Contest totals for the Siege of Neverwinter Guild Event

Neverwinter Camp 15 Sep 2017
So far Jose has turned in the most. More then my TR did last year or this year! 940 total from Jose! If no one beats his totals then the next siege event will be titled "Beat Jose's CW!"
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Save Screenshots in HD?

Guild Wars 2 Camp 15 Sep 2017
The screenshot qualities are just so bad.  Is there any way we can save it a little clearer? Is this even possible?
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Tash Was Right!

Refugee Camp 13 Sep 2017
In case there was any doubt, the truest thing ever said was said today in the SoV discord. https://discordapp.c...59PJ2aduhRia4hO
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