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Weapon Enchantment Updates

Neverwinter Camp Yesterday, 10:19
Hello., With the new MOD comes many changes. The one I am most excited about besides new weapons is the Weapons Enhancement (WE) Update. It seemed that only one or two WE were really used and when asking around it was those are ok but . . .  Now with the changes, we shall see if all th...
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DC changes

Neverwinter Camp 19 Feb 2017
Hello everyone So, I for one don't really play DCs too much... So mostly I am just reposting the discussion for the upcoming DC changes. http://www.arcgames....-cleric-changes Guys, if you want something done, you better go and speak out there now, these changes will most likely arrive m...
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MOD 11 - Links

General Tips and Tricks 12 Feb 2017
Here are some links to MOD 11 to help you plan ahead. This shows some of the new companions, companion gear and weapons https://blog.nwo-unc...tifact-weapons/ and some more https://www.arcgames...detail/10391723 lockbox rewards https://blog.nwo-unc...ockbox-preview/ Enjoy!
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