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      26 Jul

    Going to start a forum push for adherents on GW2 tonight, look forward to new faces!

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      24 Jul

    watchwork mining pick is on sale for 800 gems - if you ever wanted a permanent pick this is the one to get

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      13 Jul

    Wanted to take a screenshot of empty Forest pixie card. Apparently its an empty string now. Thanks rappelz you did it again.

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      12 Jul

    I'm currently on the toilet....having diarrhea.... experiencing horrid gut pain......just thought I'd share

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Summer Patch

Guild Wars 2 Camp Yesterday, 22:05
https://forum-en.gui...-July-26-2016-1 Contents:Living World Season 3Making fractals 80% less tediousNew fractalInfusion system overhaulNew emotionsLots of class changes including a buff to base power necroNew sPvP mapQueue sPvP matches from anywhere (!!!)Salvage All optionOther rand...
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Happy Birthday Jordan!

Refugee Camp 25 Jul 2016
Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you! Happy birthday dear Felicia, (I mean Jordan ) happy birthday to you :-)
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Game Half-Off through July 27th

Guild Wars 2 Camp 20 Jul 2016
If you're on the free version and on the fence about buying the full game, now is a good opportunity.  The game is half-off for $25, or $37.50 when packaged with things like character slots that you will need anyway. http://buy.guildwars...:::Global:40:::
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Class Balancing- Hunter and Scourge Warlock

Neverwinter Camp 20 Jul 2016
Hunter seems to be getting mostly boosts http://www.arcgames....:-hunter-ranger This means that Archery players will find that Aimed Shot will be their go-to At-Will power, instead of… a very frustrating At-Will power. There are a ton of other changes – around 100 patch notes for...
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Guild Sahha ticket ball exchange - July 26

Neverwinter Camp 20 Jul 2016
Lets exchange our sahha ticket balls on the 26th. I know there will still be two days left of the event but i think it would be good to not wait till the last minute :-) I'm flexible on times.
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