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Neverwinter Camp 20 Jan 2017
Ads This isn't my work I am just reposting it. After reading it I have been a lot better at PVP so I hope it helps those that like PVP but not having much luck. This is more for the queue PVP not the open world PVP. PVP Basic Tactics For All! http://mmominds.com/2014/05/28/pvp...
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I'm back from Texas!

Refugee Camp 20 Jan 2017
I'm back from my trip to texas and im seriously thinking about moving there now lol had alot of fun and did alot of shopping as well. I missed ya'll and wish i could of taken my computer with me but sadly couldnt since we were staying in an RV with my adopted mom.
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Petition: Stormlordrising

Neverwinter Petitions 19 Jan 2017
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Petition: Jessliana

Guild Wars 2 Petitions 11 Jan 2017
Age: 20 Location: United States, Utah Account Name: JLink101.7462 Main IGNs: Jessliana level 80 Hunter, Ayra Dawn level 80 Necromancer Server: Ferguson’s Crossing Skype/AIM/YIM SN: Through email would be best, Smiliedude101@Yahoo.com Time Played: 440 hours over 869 days Other Games: League...
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