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Healadin build

Neverwinter Camp Today, 14:04
Anyone know of a good Paladin Healing build/guide?
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Looking for a relaxing MMO / anyone play SWTOR?

Refugee Camp Today, 11:29
Hey guys, I'm looking for a relaxing MMO to play, nothing that creates a sense of tension all the time.  I heard SWTOR fit the bill, so I'm going to give it a try.  Does anyone play SWTOR or have any recommendations? Thanks!
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Need a tele to RoTa

Rappelz Camp Yesterday, 17:33
So who is gonna be kind enough to give me a summon to RoTa ..... anyone? anyone?
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Guide: Siege of Neverwinter

Neverwinter Camp 20 Oct 2016
This is one of the easiest events to make AD from. It helps if you have alts as the defense supplies and stronghold boxes are both tradable and sellable. The strategy I used was to log in each alt, do professions then quickly run them through the siege event, which involves doing 2 heroics. Fo...
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Petition: Harker Graham

Guild Wars 2 Petitions 20 Oct 2016
Age: 37 Location: Springfield, MO Account Name: moldrath.2641 Main IGNs: Harker Graham (Mesmer/80), Valka Skaldstadt (Warrior/80), Garm Clankfist  (Engineer 80), Moldrath (Revenant Skype/AIM/YIM SN: Facebook Messenger: Bigwhitt Time Played:  I have been playing GW2 since...
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