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      27 Jun

    Dragonflight runs are Saturday's and Sunday's. Be there or be square! and ask me about what voice chat to use! XD

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      25 Jun

    First Purchase of Steam Sale, pulled a trigger on Binding of Isaac. What a game. What a story. Just absolutely wonderful. Not for everyone but thats the whole point of it.

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      14 Jun

    Hey, all. It's been a while, and I once again apologize. I'm still here, and I haven't forgotten any one of you. If things go right, I may be joining Job Corps soon. That was my last resort, as really don't want to leave my loved ones for over a year, but seeing as how no one will give me a job without experience, I have no choice. That being said, I don't know how often, if at all, I'll be able to game there. I still stand by what I said before, though. I'll be ba...

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      13 Jun

    Actually incredibly upset about Cristina Grimmies murder. I enjoyed her covers for many years. Only to wake up this morning and read that 53 people were murdered in a night club 3 miles from where she was murdered.

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Insignia Bonus List [MOD 9]

Neverwinter Camp Today, 09:05
Hi Guys, I found a very nice link on the internet about the Insignia Bonus' and wanted to share this with you. https://two30.github...ter-insignia/?0 When you choose a bonus it shows you which insignia's and mounts you need to get it. In my case I am thinking of going for this: Quote...
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If you need a good movie to go see here it is .......

Refugee Camp Yesterday, 04:29
Just took my boy to the movies and saw the conjuring 2 OMG what a great movie....if you love scary movies this should do it for ya....ha ha ha i had my boy n his friend and man throughout the whole movie they must have jumped outta their seats about 3 feet OMG how funny it was ...I didn't kno...
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Guild Wars 2 Camp 27 Jun 2016
Sorry if this is the wrong forum but I was unsure where the best place would be and since I joined the guild because of GW2 I figured it would be most appropriate. I just wanted to post and say I'm sorry about my lack of being around for the last 2 months. I have been working 2 jobs while tr...
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Alliance Dragon Runs

Neverwinter Camp 27 Jun 2016
Killing multiple dragons is def a good given we will open up Dragonflight gear in a week or so!
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Stronghold is rank 8

Neverwinter Camp 26 Jun 2016
Well it's under construction but will be rank 8 shortly then we go for the rank 4 marketplace! We're only really short 2 currencies so please farm / donate / make vouchers for frozen treasures and treasures of tyranny! We need a bit of surplus equipment as well but i don't se...
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