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      03 Feb

    New HD instelled, fresh windows installed, programs freshly installed. Shinyness. No lag, no weird TeamSpeak squirrel anymore so much faster! Whooooo!

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      02 Feb

    So I did some digging and my dc issues have been confirmed to be the result of comcast being shitty. Apparently my traffic is being routed through a congested node

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      01 Feb

    Just as i got some free time to level my self up on BnS , internet goes bai bai probably for couple of days.

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      25 Jan

    IM SO BEHIND! Sunday mornings are my only free time nowadays :( :(

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just your average stronghold run

Neverwinter Camp Yesterday, 18:10
who needs terrain anyways?
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Super Bowl Predictions!

Refugee Camp 06 Feb 2016
Two days away, let's here them there predictions. Carolina wins by 8, game ends with a hail mary getting intercepted in the end zone. I also predict I will eat and drink too much and by the middle of the third quarter I will need a pressure release valve on my stomach.
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Daily quest map

Blade and Soul Camp 05 Feb 2016
found this on reddit
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rng casino boxes

Blade and Soul Camp 04 Feb 2016
http://i.imgur.com/JNxqbxY.jpg not happy
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some new things

Rappelz Camp 04 Feb 2016
k need help on S4 ug quests and new dungeon hector prolly jordan or some1 else can share more pics but
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