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      14 Jul

    So, I just turned 21.

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      08 Jul

    Computer is being dismantled in prep for the move. See all you fancy people in 2 weeks once everything is set up in the new place!

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      07 Jul

    Gotta love the windows install process...5 rounds of windows update just to get everything updated

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500 PKs

Rappelz Camp Yesterday, 00:46
Reigner will laugh at me, but I finally got pk #500 on my corruptor today.  I would like to especially thank LAOYO, xXFantaXx, and Mister-something, some scrub templar, who decided to be dicks to me and attack me or my pet.  I couldn't have done this without those three.Th...
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[Search and Rescue] Deadlock

Refugee Camp Yesterday, 00:44
As many of you know, Deadlock was our guild cook from way back and is the oldest surviving mortal in SoV - we think.  We think this, but we have not heard from him in a decade.  I propose we split into groups of three and spread out into the countryside to find him, and bring...
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Guild Wars 2 Camp 25 Jul 2014
The 2nd episode of the Living World season 2 is live! https://www.guildwar...s/july-15-2014/ i need to change from my server Gates of Madness to SoV's server......its been so long since i played that i havent the foggiest how to do it.....
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Petition: CantTame

Rappelz Petitions 22 Jul 2014
[b]Age: 17 [/b] ----- [b]Location: Australia [/b] ----- [b]Main IGN: CantTame [/b] ----- [b]Alternate IGNs:FoxyGurl, SomeKindOfTank, ImNotKidding[/b] ----- [b]Xfire SN:[/b] ----- [b]Email Address: zacbromage@gmail.com [/b] ----- [b]MSN/AIM/YIM SN:[/b] ----- [b]Time Played: I started playing again...
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new vmWare uped

Rappelz Camp 20 Jul 2014
maybe work i gona try http://www.vmware.com/ http://s12.p30downlo...d.com.part1.rar http://s12.p30downlo...d.com.part2.rar
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