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      30 Sep

    Are we all on Tahyang server for ArcheAge as Nuian and elves???

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      31 Aug

    Both brother in laws finally talked me into playing league with them and some friends. Boy is it addicting! I will be on there robably until tuesday's Rappelz update. Fingers cross they don't screw up mercenary!

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Cryberstone's Ban Monologue (Tashi's idea!)

Rappelz Camp 22 Oct 2014
Well, sort of. Tashi said I should document each day of my Rappelz withdrawl to help me through this deep, dark time in my miserable existence. But! Instead of having a documented, all-out QQ session, I thought I'd just post this sig which automatically updates daily how long I've be...
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Some good anti virus/spyware/adware removal software

Refugee Camp 20 Oct 2014
Hey guys, I haven't updated the software I use in a LONG time. I still use CCcleaner, MSE and avast. Is there any better stuff out there that I haven't heard of? I feel like there should be better stuff out there.
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I got bored today

Refugee Camp 18 Oct 2014
So I wrote a script to automatically archive emails in my inbox over a certain age https://github.com/b...2/gmail-scripts It feels awfully klugey (first time I've ever done anything in js too), doubly so because working around the restrictions on script execution time is a pain in the ass,...
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October Game of the Month

This Months Game 17 Oct 2014
Given that LoL, ArcheAge and Rappelz seem to be equally active shall we just pick one of those to all play together? Or is there a new game we should try out? Also which day is better, Monday the 20th or Monday the 27th? We could shoot for 11pm PST which is 7am Tuesday London time, 9am Tuesday...
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Got a New Pet

Rappelz Camp 16 Oct 2014
Was trying to think of a  funny name and it occured to me Misrek can be such a *!ck maybe with Nato's help I could make him a set of boogerballs :-) We had originally planned to wait for him to afk and ambush screenie him but ended up getting him to pose.... enthusiastically......
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