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      19 Apr

    UBW pls...

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      31 Mar

    I thought I saw a DrJuju.

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      27 Mar

    It's getting close to that time where I take a break from the internet :-)

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      03 Mar

    gonna have xfinity with 10mbps upload so i can start streaming and have a dedicated server soon yay

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First Dragon Boat Race of the Season

Refugee Camp Today, 07:45
So, new team, first race and not too bad of times. First heat we came in second at 1:04 and Animaniacs came in at 1:03 Second heat we won at 1:06 Second place was 1:12 We won the semi finals with a time of 1:03 and came in third in the finals. The winning team flew in from the Shanghai Maritime...
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Golden Days

GunZ Camp 23 Apr 2015
I wasn't able to recovery my old account (soveezzy). I decided to come back here to look at old post, so much memories... Man it was a good time when ijji gunz was still up. Hope all is doing well!
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Tes Your Keyboard Attack Speed!

Refugee Camp 22 Apr 2015
This was my first attempt and first site I found that supposedly accurately determines your words-per-minute average typing. It's simple enough, type as quickly and accurately as possible and see what your score is! Post screenies if you so desire for fun! Here's mine: Direct l...
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Breaking News! Jordan pwnd by n00b !!!

Rappelz Camp 22 Apr 2015
And no he was not AFK and he even used eye-drops!!!
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24 Hour Mute

Rappelz Camp 22 Apr 2015
So apparently I said something that offended someone and got a 24 hour mute, who is handing out mutes?
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