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      26 Nov

    Logged into GW2 on my laptop tonight for daily prizes because Laurels. Took 8 minutes to load Lion's Arch. Think I'll stick to playing on my desktop.

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      23 Nov

    Time to break out the neoprene sox, my toes went numb out on the boat tonight. Brrrr.

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      21 Nov

    Tavern done in gw2, need shovels to finish the mine

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Nuclear Disarmament Experiment

Refugee Camp Today, 02:14
So there is an experiment going on in Metal Gear Solid to see if they can get all the players to disarm their nuclear weapons: http://arstechnica.c...uclear-weapons/ Which is really interesting.  Since we're all gamers here, we know that people will hang onto the things for as lon...
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Bek is the magic jumper

Refugee Camp Yesterday, 04:40
By royal decree, Bek will be known by her new title, the Magic Jumper.  She gets a 3% tax on any jumping the guild does for the remainder of 2015.
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Free items in gem shop

Guild Wars 2 Camp 29 Nov 2015
2 boosters, trans charm, and trading post thingy on sale for 0 gems (1 each) right now.
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Happy Thanksgiving!

Refugee Camp 27 Nov 2015
Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!! For those that are not from the USA, I hope you have a wonderful day. I am thankful for all of you. Including you Misrek and Heari.  
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Raspberry Pi Zero

Refugee Camp 27 Nov 2015
http://arstechnica.c...-pi-for-just-4/ $5 and 40% faster than my current (original) Pi @_@ Do want.
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