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      29 Apr

    Hey, guys. I'm here. Life's hit me pretty hard. If my inactivity is a problem, I understand. I miss you all, though. You are all great people, and I hope that when I can get back to playing again, I'll be able to play with ya'll. Love you guys.

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      22 Apr

    I feel so disconnected. working 7 days a week is draining.

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      11 Apr

    Chilling at the Valencia street fair :) Fun idea to fence off entire city blocks for kids and families :)

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Amazon Prime and alternatives

Refugee Camp 28 Apr 2016
About two years ago I signed up for Prime, in part for the shipping and in part for the video.  The video selection was poor then, and it actually seems worse now.  Shows I watch are no longer available and others haven't updated in a few seasons.  Sure I could p...
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Guide for Great Weapon Fighters

Neverwinter Camp 28 Apr 2016
Vaar found this post and I thought I would share it as it looks quite good! https://docs.google....umxUoCYyJbE/pub If anyone tests it out please post your thoughts and opinions on it :-)
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7th code

Rappelz Camp 27 Apr 2016
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Guild Stronghold - Devil's Hideaway yolosolo

Neverwinter Camp 26 Apr 2016
I figured I'd die, but just incase... I recorded it. It's one of the 3 sword encounter things.
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Petition: Jabiros

Neverwinter Petitions 26 Apr 2016
Age: 27 Location: The Netherlands, Europe Main IGN: Jabiros, Great Weapon Fighter, Level 70 Alternate IGNs:  I Have a Control Wizard at level 40. Email Address: Enough about me...tell me someting about you Skype: I dont skype.. Steam ID: Using ARC. So no steam.. Other Contact Info: Si...
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