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So, *you* want to join SoV?

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Posted 16 December 2007 - 11:14

Heard about SoV from somewhere, but don't know what our guild is all about? Well, here's the "what's what" of petitioning for SoV, and what's to be expected of you after you join!

The Petitioning Process

Here are the steps to help ensure a smooth petition!
    1) Locate the appropriate sub-forum (WoS, Gunz, Gunbound, or Guild Wars)

    2) Find the sticky labeled "Petitioning for Membership"

    3) Copy and paste the code at the bottom of the original post, and create your own topic in the respective sub-forum, labeled "Petition: Your name", and fill out the form with your information. If anything is inapplicable (I.E. xfire username, MSN, etc), put N/A in the field.

    4) Check your petition topic for our members' contact information, and have a chit-chat with them, either in game or on a messenger (Or on PMs, if that's all that can be done)

    5) Go in game with our members and chat with them, proving to them that you think you're the right person for us, earning you points from the yes and no votes our members give you, based on your work.

    6) Every game has a respective point requirement (People are worth from 1 to 4 points, based on rank), once you meet that number, your petition is put into pending stage (To give any slow voters a chance to vote), which after 3 days of pending, you're accepted!
Yes, it's drawn out, we know! But it helps to insure we don't get any lousy members to bring down our rep.

SoV Member Etiquette

With the membership come some guidelines and responsibilities.
    1) The big one first; NO HACKERS! If you hack, you're out. (Mind you, hacking in games outside SoV's realms will not prevent you from joining, but it will be frowned upon and possibly be used against you. Single player hacks are also acceptable, but also frowned upon.)

    2) Be active! This is the biggest problem we've encountered; if you're an active player, that's a big plus for you. Plus if you're active, chances are other people will be active with you! It's a win-win situation. Also take into effect, we understand people have lives, so if something comes up, we'll act accordingly. So if you have to be inactive for some time, you can continue once your situation is under control, without having to re-petition.

    3) Vote on petitions! SoV is a democracy at heart, and unlike a country's democracy, every vote here actually matters, as you have an influence on any petition. During worshipper or adherent period, however, you are only worth one point in your "home realm", that is, the one you joined us in. After a certain amount of time, a vote goes behind closed doors for your "Knighthood", the next step, where you'll be worth 2 in your home realm, and 1 everywhere else.

    4) Help the leadership! The gods (leaders) have a tough time doing anything without the members' cooperation, both in-game and governing wise, so we need your help! If you have an idea, make a prayer in the "Pray to the Gods" forum, where only the high gods can read it, and they'll take it into consideration. Also, with a democratic forum, we have a governing system set up, so on any policies that you have an idea for, post it and we'll see what you think.
With these steps, you can ensure a calm, enjoyable membership!

Good luck!

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