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Twitch Video Recap Guilds and Pets

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Posted 09 September 2017 - 06:55

Yes I watched the Videos!

Guild : There will be guild buffs now that can be used by individuals that donated to the guild level.The higher the guild level the higher the buffs.
--------- There will also be a buff I can drop on the entire guild.

EXP : The server has been bumped to +50% across the board as well as party experience. in increments f 20% till you reach the max cap with 8 in party at 180%.

They will be doing less double and triple exp events, rather doing 20% or30%.....The boost to daily exp was done to get more people playing on regular basis rather than just logging in for exp events.

Pet EXP :  The exp level cap has been raised as follows:
  Pet Level   Current Cap    New Cap
   10     20,000     5012
   50    500,000    1,932,809
   100 2,000,000 25,118,864
   120     2,880,000 49,314,043
   140     3,920,000 87,231,579
   150     4,500,000 112,599,810
   160     5,120,000     142,969,677
   170     5,780,000 178,920,873

This means AC will be useful again cause you wont be hitting the cap in the higher content. Lower level pets will slow a bit when they are fresh but now the pet will leveling closer t the toon rather than lagging far behind. Around 30 or 40 you'll really tell the dff.

-------Also there will be new AC that will give100% exp rather than the 50% now.
-------Pets will receive 50% less damage taken also so for pet classes like MB who are more dependent on them to kill will benefit HUGE!.
-------S5 pets will receive 1 more equipment slot. 1 weapon 1 armor and 1 magewall. (not 2 weapons) but you do get all the bonuses from the equipped item.

Pet class balances are on the way, so if your mains a pet class or you play one often go to the rappelz forum and give our opinion on changes you want seen.

A medusa changer will be added. You can change your R7 dura helm to a medusa helm for 1B rupee. Bought in Katan at the armorer.

I did this at work so I couldn't go into the new gear stuff, but ill get to it or better yet come play and find out!!
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