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Petitioning for Membership (Rappelz)

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Posted 06 October 2008 - 20:47

Petitioning for Membership

Note that we are based on Tanda Fenrir Baphomet Betrayal server. If you are not on Betrayal, this is not the guild you were looking for.

If you wish to petition to SoV in Rappelz, you should make a topic and follow these steps.

Topic Title
The topic title should be like this: Petition: <your-name>
So if your name is Fluffy Duck, then your petition topic should be called Petition: Fluffy Duck.
When we say name here, we actually mean your in-game name. If you have multiple well used names then pick the one you'd like the guild to know you as.

If you get the title right, people will know you actually read this topic, and it will give a much better first impression. :)

SoV's Code
We might be an evil guild, but we have honour.
We do not allow using programs to unfairly give you an advantage over others; this is usually called hacking, but it also includes botting.
You treat all other members with respect. (That doesn't mean you have to agree with them all, or even like them, but you'll show respect)
Much of the content on our forums inside member areas would be considered mature age (15+), if you're offended by this, this isn't the place for you.

Your Details
Age: What is your real life age?
Location: What country/state are you from?
Main IGN: Your main character in Rappelz, please include class/level. Example: NokNok (5x Knight)
Alternate IGNs: Your alternate characters.
Email Address: How can we contact you? (optional)
Skype: How can we contact you? (optional)
Steam ID: Also a way to contact
Other Contact Info: Other ways we may find you (facebook, twitter, etc)
Time Played: How long have you been playing Rappelz?
Times Played: When do you play (including a timezone!), and for how long?
Other Games: Any other games out there that you play seriously? (GunZ, GB, etc.)
Skills: Any skills that you embody that you feel might aid SoV? It could be graphic skills to PK-Master skills! (optional)
Reason: What is your reason for petitioning to SoV?
Guild Experience: Have you ever been a part of any other guilds before? Non-Rappelz guilds can be mentioned if you feel they're important.
Game Activity: How active are you in game? And how much time can you devote to the game and the guild?
Full Loyalty Pledge: Do you understand that SoV is a full-loyalty guild? Meaning, if you are accepted, you can not be a part of any other guilds. If unsure the extent of this pledge, ask someone.
References: Did any SoV members refer you to the guild? This is required for Adherent membership. (optional)
Special Consideration: If you were granted a special consideration from a god you should mention it. (optional)
Knowledge of SoV: How much do you know about SoV? Not knowing a lot won't greatly hinder your chances of entering the guild. Just tell us how much you know.
Found out about SoV: How did you go on about finding out about our guild?
Do you accept the golden rule?
Comments: Anything else you want to add that you didn't get a chance to add? (optional)

To help ease the petitioning process; you can copy the form below and paste it into your petition:


Main IGN:
Alternate IGNs:
Email Address:
Steam ID:
Other Contact Info:
Time Played:
Times Played:
Other Games:
Guild Experience:
Game Activity:
Full Loyalty Pledge:
Special Consideration:
Knowledge of SoV:
Found out about SoV:
Do you accept the golden rule?

Point Requirement:

The current point requirement for acceptance to SoV in Rappelz is 8 points, but the requirement is adjusted through member discussion on a regular basis.
Entrance is via Adherent is encouraged, contact leaders in-game regarding in-game tags, or adherent authorization.

Good luck to all! If you have any questions, feel free to ask away.
Our friendly members would love to help you.

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Posted 22 February 2013 - 08:38

Some more information for those interested:

Explanation on joining

How our ranks work
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Posted 04 November 2014 - 09:06

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