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I love league of legends but sometimes I hate playing it.

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#1 Zao


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Posted 21 January 2015 - 11:27

When did we grow up and how can we stop?

#2 Aarox


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Posted 21 January 2015 - 13:53

tis the reason i took a year off the game causs i didnt wanna turn into a toxic player
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#3 Winny


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Posted 22 January 2015 - 00:01

That dude should make trailers for riot

#4 PandAura


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Posted 22 January 2015 - 04:52

That was awesome.  I don't think there is a game out there that this can't be applied to.

#5 ViRaL



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Posted 13 February 2015 - 10:56

That was actually a really cool video. I think this especially needs to be seen by solo Q players, (including me). The toxicity within solo Q is great, due to some label, a label we self induce as a mark of being someone good or superior. Just because we got that Gold border, or plat/diamond icon, alot of people think, even when they dont realize it - that they are in a way superior to the average player. It shows in our thoughts, in our actions within the game, excuses we make, names we call others, stress we may show. Along the line somewhere, we lost the ability to have fun, even in a competitive environment. THere is no reason, you cannot have the same kind of fun you would have in any other mode, in ranked. Because people over value, where they think they should be, and see that number increase or decrease in LP. This number pretty much instead of being seen as a calculation of how you may be improving or, as something you have room to improve in, is distraught as the "I had a noob team or the enemy team sucked" number. How many games did I get decent teams? How many games am I getting dc's/trolls afk's or people that are just "bad"? These aren't the things you should be telling yourself. You must accept there will be a good number of games, you wont be able to have control over, whether its based on your skill, or another factor, it will happen sooner or later. Even if often, who cares? It is a game, you should be having fun. I personally enjoy having fun in competitive games, I see it as a game mode, where everyone is striving to play their best, and you can get miraculous things you wont see in normal games sometimes, just in order to get a higher ranking. The feeling is amazing, and I have been working on for over two years how to just have fun, in most my games, and not worry about it, rather than thinking of how I lost, or did bad in a game even though I won (My champion stats). Your time shouldn't be wasted, on, how good you wanna make your stats, but rather on how good you should be feeling from a game. Even if you lose, there are things you can still in enjoy in a game. Seeing what the enemy did, that was different than your actions and your teams actions, that could improve your own gameplay in the future. Sometimes, you can look at it the opposite way too. I have a friend who recently, uses stats he gets in games, to help him have fun. Not that this is the best method, but for him it works. I know I said you shouldn't do this, but the way my friend does it is basically, he wants to be able to do the best he can in every game, even in games where it generally looks like he did horrible. He will focus on "I stole dragon, I got their buff at this time, I counter jungled well, I ganked well, I roamed well, or I cs'd well - etc etc. These things, even though you may have lost, still help you improve and show self improvement in a area, otherwise shaded in grey overshadowed by a loss. There are multiple ways to have fun, and have an impact on the community as this video has said, and its all dependant on how you act, and choose to play the game.

Repeating what this guy said, since he insipired me - Be the change!

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