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General Information for Guests

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Posted 19 November 2015 - 00:36

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Welcome to the Swords of Villanousity General Guild Information for Guests thread. This page will take you wherever you need to go to:
  • Find out about us, and how we work
  • Find out which games we play
  • Understand how our community works - we are not your average guild
  • Connect with our scores of members
  • Troll us - good luck
This thread is broken up into two parts: the short part for you tl;dr'ers who can ignore the rest; and a long version for those with an attention span greater than a goldfish.

If you register an account on the forums, please give us a day or two to manually approve it.  When we open up full public registration, we often see bots trying to sell us things like ketchup through the mail, and who wants that?

We are also on Facebook, if you're into that sort of thing:


The Short Version

SoV is an elite and evil multi-gaming guild founded in January 2000 that is better than you in every way, except such things that paradoxically make us worse than you by being better.

If you are reading this as a guest, welcome to the forums and website!

We welcome everyone regardless of gaming experience or lack thereof! All we ask is that you act in a mature and respectful manner toward others.

What you are viewing now is just our public page. Full members called “Knights” can view a much more expanded forums.  In the expanded forums we have much more in-depth discussions on the mechanics and builds of the games we play.  What you as a guest can see is but a tip of the iceberg and we keep the good stuff behind closed doors.  Want to see it?  You need to petition for full membership.  That information is listed below the "Long Version" explaination.

If you're interested in our Teamspeak, Our server can be found at:
Address - onedisprime.teamspeak3.com:7316
Password - somethingeasy

Teamspeak Rules:
  • Thou shalt not have a part in illegal activities.  If you're unsure if something is illegal or not, refrain from doing it.
  • Thou shalt not discuss sensitive guild materials, be they voting on knighthoods, information reserved for a realm's knights, guild policies, or something else in a similar vein.  Just because it's not listed here doesn't mean it's okay.  Common sense people, don't make us hire a lawyer and write an 80 page EULA.
  • Harassment, hate speech, or threats are not to be tolerated.  This includes the typical witch's brew of groups that commonly see hate speech, but is not limited to: race, skin tone, religion, national origin, monetary status, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability, ability to recite from memory 18th century French poetry, etc.
Teamspeak Etiquette
  • Teamspeak is supposed to be fun and welcoming to all members, let's keep it that way.
  • You do not have the right to not be offended.  In the rules there are limits on what can be said, but you're not a White Knight riding in to save the day.  Don't be a hero, you saw what happened to Batman.
  • Always ask if you are going to record video or audio.
  • Always assume you are being recorded.  Do not say anything in Teamspeak that you would not scream in front of your grandmother on a crowded street full of nuns.
  • It is technically possible to follow the rules and still be a douche.  Please, do not be a douche.
  • There is never a requirement to use Teamspeak.  If you do not enjoy using it, then don't use it.

The Long Version

SoV is an evil gaming guild founded in January of 2000 on the multiplayer online roleplaying game (MORPG) Well of Souls, and we are now recruiting Rappelz, League of Legends, Guild Wars 2, and Neverwinter; while also playing other games.  SoV is an elite guild and we maintain a set of high standards for our members and aspiring petitioners.

We're evil not in the satanic sense, but in the sense we do whatever we need to do to get whatever it is we want.

Our members value the years-long friendships they form and the stability that only a well-run guild of our age can afford.  They can provide input and be listened to, as well as gain leadership responsibilities.  We are both competitive and casual at the same time, so you're able to do either depending on your mood that day.  The fact they can play for the same guild in multiple games keeps our members engaged and interested.

We are also one of only a handful of guilds run completely democratically, with elections every six months or whenever a previous leader may step down.  All members share equal rights and have equal say in guild decisions and debate.  Unlike other guilds you may find, we have proven to make this work, for years.  Oh, and we’re not slowing down any time soon.

Having existed for so long, SoV has accumulated a vast history and lore with all sorts of stories, rivals and enemies. There are tales of treachery and corruption, heroism and loyalty, ravaging wars and greed, raging love, culinary disasters, and many other things.

Our community at times has exceeded thousands of members, with dozens of active members at any given time, for any given branch. Our combined forums have had a total of over 500,000 posts in our time of existence, with our current forums having over 300,000 posts.

We also offer scores of guides to help give players the edge in game, some of which are publically available, but many we keep behind closed doors for our own members.

You're asking yourself: how do I join?

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Joining SoV is, relatively speaking, simple and straight forward. You must post a petition to join us in the petition center, in the game you play. A petition is a fancy word for an application, and isn't much different than you might fill out when applying for a job, a boat loan, or to get grandma out on bail.

This should be enough information for most people to be able to join, though I know from experience that it is not. If your IQ is above room temperature, it probably is; so I'll save you a wall of text and direct you where you need to go now: It may sound difficult or complicated, but it is for good reason.  We have quality standards to live by, you wouldn't want to join some run-of-the-mill guild, would you?  Even if you don't currently know us, your petition is a good way to introduce yourself.   When you have petitioned and meet the requirements (so many people voting for you) you will be accepted!  The typical process takes a few days if you're serious about it.

If this isn't enough information for you, I'll expand on the process a bit.

First is why we do it. Why would a gaming guild require you to apply to join? Mostly it's to ensure quality. It's not that we don't think you would be a quality member who joins us and revolutionizes the guild, we would love that. It's that we're democratic and we're one of the few guilds out there where one member COULD revolutionize the guild. It has happened before, and gods-willing it should happen again.

Making you apply means that our members can make a good hard (or soft) look at you and deem you're worthy. Nobody joins us without knowing some of our members, and the petition process forces you to meet and greet a few of them. Very often members will ask you to contact them in order to join.

This serves two purposes. The first is so you know people in our community, so you don't feel left out or alienated. Remember, if you get accepted this forum belongs to you as much as anybody else in the guild. The second is so members get a chance to see your character, something a straight petition often fails to do. Winning over people is relatively easy. If you act crazy around some, they'll love you. Others if you fake loving football/BBQ/Dancing with the stars, they'll adore you. Or you can be genuine, and they'll love you for that too.

Remember though, not everybody gets accepted. We don't have any set quota of how many people we can accept, so don't worry about that. But how boring would it be if everybody who applied for Harvard got in? That's rhetorical, don't answer that. We are a great guild, so we need our members to be great. You don't have to be great right now, but if you prove to our members you can become great, then that's good enough. If you're great now, you might want to check your ego at the door you'll probably get accepted with no problem.

In order to get accepted, you need people to vote on your petition. Each realm (game we play) requires a certain number of points to join, and that number can easily be found in the topics I listed near the beginning of this wall of text. It's you're responsibility to get voters (you're joining us, after all). Most members love to vote and love to interact with prospective members, so it's typically very easy to find people.

Should you get no votes, don't fret. The Gunbound branch did a really good job explaining how to solve that. It's so good I can't do it justice moving the information here.

After you get enough votes to get accepted, your petition will become pending for 3 days. This will let our members who haven't been able to be around a chance to catch up on it. It's mostly a formality, but there have been cases where people would self-destruct during this time.

Once your petition is accepted, you become a worshipper, which is a trial member for one month. At the end of the month, our current full members in your realm will decide if they want to accept you as a full member (a knight), or give you the boot. Being active in-game and on the forums usually makes for an easy knighthood. Disappearing from one or both might hurt your chances. Once you are knighted, you are a full member for as long as you wish to be. Really the only way we'd end up kicking you is if we catch you hacking, something we don't tolerate. You are a member for life and are free to partake of everything we have to offer and our glorious muffin basket.

How our ranks work

It's a little convoluted to a non-member, but here is the gist of it, it breaks down into different tiers.
  • Adherents, or members of the guild in-game and only in-game. They have absolutely no rights or voting rights, but are allowed to wear the guild tag.  If you're a member in-game, you really ought to petition for full membership (see above).  If an Adherent wants to advance in the guild in any way, they must post a petition to join.
  • Worshippers, or trial members of the guild. They can vote on petitions and certain other things. At the end of 30 days, a vote is held in private (the worshipper never sees it, unlike a petition). There are three possible outcomes: they are knighted, and become a Knight (see below), fail their knighthood (and are kicked from the guild outright), or the vote is delayed (for people we might like, but have extenuating circumstances.
  • Knights, or full members of the guild. They can vote on anything. Unless they royally screw up, they are members for life. If they go inactive for 10 years and come back, they're still a knight. This is the highest meaningful rank.
  • Templars - a subset of Knights with more resonsibilities.
  • Low gods, or leaders of a branch of the guild. They are responsible for leading us in a certain game (like Guild Wars 2 or Rappelz), and answer directly to the Knights of the guild. They are elected every 6 months, and any Knight is eligible to run.
  • High gods, the leader of the ENTIRE guild and a few past gods known as Kai-gods that serve as advisors. The god answers directly to the Knights of the guild, and are responsible for setting the tone and direction of the guild.
  • Priests, another subset of Knights with very specific tasks such as record keeping or mediating disputes among members

Games We Play

Here is a list of games we currently support branches and active guilds in. Also listed is where to download (or purchase) the game and how to join in said branch.

Rappelz - Founded in October 2008, Tanda Fenrir Baphomet Betrayal Server League of Legends - Founded in February 2012, NA Server Guild Wars 2 - Founded in August 2012, Sea of Sorrows Server Neverwinter - Founded in August 2015, Dragon Server Previously Supported Games:

Well of Souls - Founded January 2000 [Download]
GunZ the Duel - Founded in the summer of 2005
Gunbound World Champion - Founded in fall of 2005
America's Army
Battlefield 2
Call of Duty 4
Diablo 2
Guild Wars
Grand Chase - Founded in December 2008
Starcraft 2 - Founded in April 2012
Steam - Founded in May 2009, External Guild Link
World of Warcraft
XBox Live

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