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Posted 10 June 2011 - 06:08

Heyyyy guys! I just got my computer fixed by my teacher! Oh yeaaah!!!!!!!!! Anyways, i have this little problem with gunz. But I think its my AVG thats causing it. yeah so like when i start gunz, and when it goes to the server selection thingy, it wont connect. it'll like take 10 connecting doing the connect thingy then itll go back to the servers. and when i alt tab it my firefox wouldnt load to google, and thats everytime when i start gunz. yeaaaah. can someone help meee?
soveezzy: wait
soveezzy: the ring 3?
soveezzy: didnt the girl
]SoV[ Lucifer: ya 2011
soveezzy: close the well
soveezzy: how the hell she ganna get out
soveezzy: loll
]SoV[ Lucifer: no idea
]SoV[ Lucifer: i opened it
]SoV[ Lucifer: i was thirsty
soveezzy: HAHAHA


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